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Website Marketing Tip: Google Rank Checking For Free

Have you ever wondered how your badly phrased question manages to get the exact results on Google? Search engines have an algorithm that looks for certain terms in your search query. Then it looks into pages that contain those keywords and pulls them up in the search results. 

For example, when you are typing – ‘ingredients for making a hamburger’, you will find pages that contain exactly what you are looking for. This is because these pages have used keywords like ‘hamburger ingredients’ on their page, which signals Google of relevancy.

But how does Google decide how to rank the pages in the search results? If you own a website, you should know the keyword ranking of all your content. Each page of Google displays around 10 results. That means, if your rank is 11th, you will come on the second page. The lower you go in the ranks, the worse is your visibility. 

Using free keyword rank checkers can tell you how popular and reputed your website is. It is difficult for a very new page to get a high ranking, but fortunately, there are a few things you can do to improve your ranking. is one of the best rank checkers. In this post, we will tell you the best ways to utilize this free tool to rank high.

Make Use of Google Rank Checking Tools To Rank Higher

Know Your Ranking

If you have never used the best rank checker before, you should start immediately. A rank checker will show you every keyword your website is ranking for. You can see the search volumes of each keyword – which will tell you how popular they are. 

You can even get an edge on a competitor by tracking them. See what keywords they are using that makes them get high ranks. This is perfect for professionals who work on SEO optimization, or website owners looking to promote their content. You can keep an eye on your website ranking based on the keywords that are described in the Google SERP. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars when you can accomplish everything for free. This tool is available for checking ranks for any country. 

Track Your Subdomains

For a deeper analysis, you should check the subdomains also. If you have a website named, you can look into subpages like 

You can use a free keyword rank checker like for Google rank checking. This tool will allow you to understand the keyword rankings of various subdomains. You can track up to 1500 domains. Track the rank of each keyword you have used, or your competitors have used. This will allow you to understand how you are doing in comparison to a competitor site. And you can check for keywords every 15 minutes. 

Use Keywords In Campaigns

When you create advertisement campaigns, you will get a much better response, views, and subscribes if you use ranking keywords. Simply enter your site in the rank checker online tool, and check which location your audience is from. If you have an international audience, local-based campaigns are the way to go. You can see popular keywords in a location and add those keywords to your campaign. 

Adding local keywords will improve your keyword ranking for any location. Google’s website ranking varies based on language, country, and regions. If your website is aiming for an international audience, you will perform much better when you cater to the local festivals, occasions, holidays, and content. 

A London-based chef aiming to grow their website for international flavors for a restaurant chain should capitalize on the local occasions. You can release a charming recipe for chimichurri on Tijuana. Do special promotions on authentic Chinese food on the Chinese New Year. 

This is a core value of marketing that many marketers ignore. This is why some websites rank much higher than others. Using a tool like, you can select which location to track and get relevant data and keywords. By adding these keywords, you can improve your local popularity in those countries. 

Select The Right Keywords

A keyword position checker free will give you all the information about a keyword. You can see the popularity, search volume, and the like. Now, the trick to selecting a keyword is to go for moderate popular ones. Keywords that are very high volume will be targeted by most websites. You need less competition as a website, and moderate volume keywords give you the right exposure.

Desktop Ranking Vs. Mobile Ranking

Google does not provide the same ranking for desktops and mobiles. Check your ranking for both devices with, and you will see discrepancies in keyword popularities. You can accordingly take action to make sure your website ranks high in mobiles too. Over 50% of people view content on their phones. Mobile optimization is always the right thing to do, to increase your website’s popularity.

Intent-Based Searching

Keywords have a higher meaning behind them. There is a reason Google is the most popular search engine, while Bing and Yahoo constantly fall behind. A search engine knows exactly what the user wants based on the keyword. This is also known as intent-based searching.

Consider the following search queries –

  • Strong wood
  • Table woodworking
  • Wood furniture
  • Wooden sculpture

If Google picked up the word ‘wood’ from all the queries, it would rank all the websites that have anything related to wood. However, each of the 4 queries has a different intent and Google understands that. The first query is likely looking for a shop that sells strong wood.

The second one is looking for wood that can be used to build a table.

The third is looking for a shopping site that sells wooden furniture.

And the last one is looking for websites selling wooden sculptures.

The results for each of these queries are completely different.

Now, consider that you have a blog on woodworking, where you talk about different kinds of wood used to build different kinds of furniture. If you have used table woodworking in one of your blogs, your website will come up high in the results, vs. a website that has used only woodworking as a keyword.

Optimize Your Content

The basic rule that content creators forget is that content is what matters most. This just does not mean optimizing for the search engine, but also the users. If you keep adding random, clumsy keywords to your content, it will read badly. Nobody wants to read cluttered content. Google understands this fact well. This is why they have optimized their algorithms to promote high-value content.

So, by over-optimizing your content for the search engines, you are harming your popularity. Follow these simple rules to get a better ranking with the help of keyword ranking checker.

  • Use clear words and smaller sentences.
  • Provide high-quality information. Google rewards in-depth articles.
  • Don’t use complicated jargon.
  • Use keywords in your subheadings. This tells a search engine that you have covered the information of the keyword.
  • Add keywords in the media, so your user does not see it. But you still get a good ranking.

The Wrap Up

As you can see, you can make the best use of rank checker online to make your way up in the search engine results pages. Formulate a strategy, and get working!

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