Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Blog Clock?

Simply download Blog Clock from the WordPress plugin library. This will automatically add it to your WordPress site. Activate it as you would with any other widget. This will create a menu that allows you to select the style of the clock, the colors, and which page it displays on. Click on the gear-shaped button for advanced options, like importing your own custom styles.

Blog Clock’s menu isn’t showing up after activation.

If this happens, clear your cache and refresh the page. Sometimes WordPress doesn’t update correctly when it installs a new widget. If it still isn’t showing up, please contact me immediately so I can help you figure out what’s going on.

Is Blog Clock accurate?

Blog Clock uses real-time online clocks to sync, providing the most accurate time possible down to the second. If you choose to use a different sync site, I can’t guarantee the accuracy. However, if you don’t fiddle with the sync site settings, I can absolutely guarantee that it is as accurate as an online clock can be!

What if my site goes down, will Blog Clock be desynced?

Nope! Blog Clock syncs from a different source than your own site, so whenever your site comes back online the clock will still be accurate.

What if my sync site goes down, will Blog Clock go down?

I’ve implemented a backup plan in case your sync site goes down. Blog Clock will use Google to sync temporarily until the primary sync site is back online. While this may cause the time to be off, it’d only be off by a second or two at most (depending on the accuracy of Google compared to the sync site). Once the sync site is back up, Blog Clock will automatically return to syncing with it.

Can you activate multiple Blog Clocks on one page?

Yes! I’ve designed the widget so that you can display different timezones. This can be exceptionally helpful if you have clients in specific timezones, customer support in specific timezones, or if you want to create an easy visual for viewers to see the difference between timezones.

Is it computer-intensive?

Nope! I’ve made it as lightweight as possible. I recommend no more than 5 Blog Clock widgets running on the same page at once. This makes it so that even the oldest computers and tablets can still browse your site without issue. Any further than that and some computers might experience graphical lag.

Does it display AM/PM, or military time?

Both! In the case of a digital clock, you can select how it displays. For some viewers, it might be easier for them to grasp that you aren’t available if your clock reads 11:30 PM. Others might find it easier to read that as 23:30. If you’re unsure of which one to use, consider activating our toggle switch option! This option lets the viewer toggle between AM/PM and military time. You can choose which one it to defaults to, as well.

Does it use roman numerals, or numbers?

Both! You can choose a clock that has roman numerals on the display, or numbers. If you don’t like any of the designs, you can import your own as well. Numbers are easier for a general audience to read on a clock, while roman numerals fit better aesthetically with some websites. I leave it in your capable hands to choose the best solution for your site.
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