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You will agree with us that your online reputation can make or break your business. As important it is to worry about the goodwill of your physical store, it is even more important to take care of your online reputation. After all, all it takes is a single negative post on social media, a bad review on rating websites, and your reputation can be tarnished within no time. 

But this shouldn’t happen to you, and this is why you must learn the basics of online reputation management. Simply put, online reputation management is an ongoing process where you work hard to manage your reputation by interacting with your customers, collecting their feedback, and listening to them. 

The most strategies of maintaining brand online reputation revolve around:

1. Taking notice of the customer’s perception of your brand

2. Taking quick and desirable actions when needed to improve the reputation

Tips for Managing Brand Online Reputation

Optimize your SEO strategy

A good brand reputation management starts with focusing on your website and its Google ranking. As the first impression is the last, adopting an aggressive SEO strategy to place your quality content in top search results is effective. 

No matter if you are dealing with negative feedback, it can be nullified if positive brand content manages dominates the top search engine results. 

Be Active And Updated On All Profiles

It’s always recommended to keep a singular brand image. It should be cohesive. To maintain a unified brand presence, update all your profiles and channels all at once with the same logos, images, voice, and posts. 

Apart from regular auditing your channels and profiles, take notice of other places where your brand name is used. Make sure your brand ambassadors are also following the same guidelines in updating your channels.

Collect Online Feedback

It’s a new normal for customers to read reviews online before making a purchase. For this, it is important to encourage your existing customers to leave honest reviews on your product. Lure them into writing reviews for you by emailing them a quick survey, making them fill a questionnaire, tweeting a feedback question, and such.

Add Blog Clock 

Widen your outlook to widen your brand exposure! Have you ever wondered how you can cater to your international customers in the best way? Are you able to answer their queries well? How can they reach out to you? Well, adding a blog clock to your website can help a lot. 

Adding a blog clock to your site will help your international customers know the local time so that they can seek customer support desirably. Even if not helpful at all times, such gestures create a good brand reputation and an everlasting impact on the customer’s mind. 

This is especially true for casino websites like Betchan casino where players want to contact customer support in case of a glitch. As they are not aware of the local time, they end up assuming that the support is not good enough, while in reality, it could be that the customer support team is unavailable at those hours. 

Respond To Negative Comments

Ignorance is not always bliss! Responding to a negative comment can turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. For this reason alone, a negative comment should be replied as early as possible. 

While responding to a negative comment, it’s important to tone down your reply, be sorry for the inconvenience and provide an instant and feasible solution for their problem without beating around the bush.

Also, brands should be able to discriminate against a negative comment from an illegal one. An illegal comment spreading false information should be reported before it turns into a reputation bomb. 

Tools For Monitoring Brand Online Reputation

Online reputation management tools help in managing your brand reputation well. 


Encouraging your customers for reviews can become a lot easier with the BirdEye tool. With BirdEye, you can search for your company’s reviews from more than 150 review sources. BirdEye also enables you to monitor and respond to reviews.


Outdated and obsolete content and data on the website are of no use. Yext is an effective tool that helps in eliminating and correcting all such data on your business website so that SEO is not hampered. This can be done by visiting a single hub itself. 

Furthermore, Yext also helps in managing social media accounts and monitoring online reviews.


SentiOne is a one-stop tool for knowing customer’s perception of your brand. What they are talking about you at all streams. SentiOne not only provides real-time access to such information but historical data too. 

It can track information based on mentions, keywords, and social media profiles. It can also search the web for finding your competitors and creating brand awareness of your brand. 

It has filters that let you access the desired information from the mammoth of information collected from different sources. 


Meltwater is an ultimate brand reputation tool for searching the right keywords for your business. The tool is a pro when it comes to tracking all your brand mentions, even your competitor’s mentions. It can also help you in making daily, weekly, and monthly comparisons between the two. 

You can also see reports and analytics with Meltwater and use them directly in internal reports. 

Social Mention

Looking out for a free tool that monitors all your social media accounts? Social Mention awaits your presence. It provides analytics in four ways namely Strength, sentiments, Passion, and Reach.

Strength shows the percentage of how many times the brand name is used on social media.

Sentiments show the ratio positive to negative comments on social media.

Passion shows the percentage of people likely to mention your brand repeatedly

Reach shows the percentage of unique authors who write about or mentions your brand in their articles. 


So, this was all about how to manage and monitor your brand online reputation. Use these tools, and we are sure, you will be amazed at the number of people who mention or talk about your brand online. You can keep the ball rolling by engaging and being a part of such a conversation. 

What is your opinion on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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