About The Plugin

Blog Clock is a simple solution to a constant problem online. If you’ve used the internet for any kind of shopping, you’ve known the frustration of customer support being down. If you’ve ever found yourself refreshing your inbox waiting to hear back from a site admin, you’ve known what it’s like to be unsure of the timezone of the person that you’re communicating with. Some people are fine with going to Google to convert timezones so that they can ballpark when to expect a response, but everyone knows that you can’t expect everybody to follow that. This plugin was born from a desire to solve this problem in a simple way.

Real Time

Our clock widget displays the time in real-time by syncing up to a site of your choosing. By default, I have it set to sync to worldtimeserver, but you can edit it to sync to whichever website you trust the most. This gives you accurate to-the-second clocks that never go down and never de-sync. Additionally, Blog Clock immediately detects if Daylight Savings Time is active and adjusts the time accordingly. Should your sync site go down for whatever reason, Blog Clock will default to worldtimeserver as a backup plan. Is that one down, too? Then Blog Clock will fall back to Google. No matter what, your clock will always work.


I noticed that most clock widgets are still using Flash. While that might be good enough for some sites, I know that Flash is on the way out–and with the constant vulnerability issues that come with it, it might be unwise to stick with Flash. As such, I offer three versions of Blog Clock: Flash, HTML, and C++. Each one runs the same, with the same back-end. It simply comes down to user preference on which one to use! I highly recommend the C++ one if you aren’t certain of which one to use, as it increases compatibility. HTML is a solid choice, but might run into some issues on certain browsers. Flash, while working on most browsers, is a bit riskier. I only recommend Flash if you’re already using it on your site elsewhere.


Another thing that I noticed with other clock widgets? Limited options! Some are analog-only, some don’t allow you to customize at all, and some don’t even let you choose colors! I know how frustrating it can be to find a widget that perfectly fits what you want, only for it to completely clash with your site’s design. That’s why I’ve made customization as robust as possible. Select your color scheme with the eyedropper tool, or input the Hex# to get the exact color that you need. For digital clocks, I allow you to customize the color and size of the numbers, as well as whether or not there is a clock image around the numbers. For analog clocks, I allow you to customize the style of clock, the style of the hands, and the colors. Each included option is mobile compatible.


To download and install Blog Clock and get it working on your site, simply go over to the WordPress plugin library and download it. Once it is downloaded to your WordPress site, follow the instructions to get it working. It should be as simple as activating the plugin, selecting your style, selecting your colors, and then choosing which page it displays on. If you run into any issues, head over to our FAQ/Help page or contact us!

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