How To Fix The 502 Bad Gateway Error

How To Fix The 502 Bad Gateway Error

Before we discover ways to fix the 502 bad gateway error, let’s understand the reasons that cause this error to flash on your screen. 

What Is The 502 Bad Gateway Error?

A 502 bad gateway error is an HTTP status code that appears when the gateway doesn’t get an appropriate response from the servers. This means that the error will occur on your screen when you are not able to access a website due to an issue with the website’s server communication.

This could happen due to some of the reasons like:

  • When the website you are trying to open is going through a high rush of traffic.
  • When you have been blocked down by the firewall
  • When there is code error in the website’s coding 
  • When it is taking too long for a server to complete the request
  • Other network errors like DNS issues, routing errors and alike

How To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error For Users?

If you are not able to connect you a website and an error 502 is constantly popping up, here is how you can fix it:

  • Reload the page

Sometimes reloading the page can fix the error. Sometimes, the request is not served the first time due to high server traffic, and it gets accepted a few minutes after. 

  • Clear your browser cache

A corrupted file staying in your browser can also cause the error. Clearing the browser cache and cookies can, at times, serve the purpose.

  • Try another browser

Sometimes switching to another browser can solve the problem. If the problem persists, you might have to look for deeper solutions .

  • Reset internet configuration

Restart your internet modem and start all over again to resolve the error. The same can be followed on all devices.

How To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error For Developers?

If you are a website developer and have been asked to resolve the 502 bad gateway error, here are some of the things you should do:

  • Check the connectivity of the server

If the website server is down or facing huge traffic, it is when your users would experience the 502 error. To resolve this, you will have to wait for the server to work again before solving the error.

Another way to check if the server is reachable or not without contacting the service provider is by running a ping test.

  • Check for DNS issues

DNS or the Domain Name System is the phonebook of the internet. It is known for providing human access to internet resources by linking domain addresses to IP addresses.

So, if you recently made some changes to your host server or IP addresses, DNS records those changes. Any malfunctioning here can trigger a 502 unfortunate gateway error. 

Wait until the DNS changes are made and check that the IP address in the records is correctly mentioned.

  • Clear the DNS cache 

One reason that a site experiences a 502 bad gateway error is the changed DNS and cache. 

This is easy to rectify. For windows users, just open cmd prompt on your Windows PC and type inconfig/flushdns and press enter. The error will be sorted.

  • Check for error logs

You can instantly fix the error through server logs. Server logs provide detailed information on the server errors. You can get through them to report the error.

  • Set faulty firewall configuration right

The firewall helps in blocking malicious traffic to the website. It sometimes rejects the request from the content delivery network due to faulty firewall configuration. This leads to a 502 bad gateway error. 

To resolve this, firstly, disable the firewall. However, if the error persists, check for the firewall configuration.

  • Set the website programming bugs right

Sometimes, a bug in website programming can also make 502 bad gateway error to occur. 

Go through your website coding to find the bugs, if any, or take the help of a development machine for the same. This will take you closer to your solution if not fully resolved.

  • Disable and enable CDN

CDN or content delivery network is one way of fixing the 502 bad gateway error. There are chances that your server fell prey to a malicious activity that disabled your users to gain access to your website server, service, or network. This is also known as DDOS or the Distributed Denial-of-service. 

This DDOS attacks on servers can be prevented with the use of Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers whose sole aim is to provide no time delay in loading web pages by bridging the gap between the server and user.

  • Take help of hosting provider

If none of the above options works out, the last resort takes you to contact your hosting provider. 

Remedial Measures To Deal With a 502 Bad Gateway Error

If you have an eCommerce website, you cannot afford to get a 502 bad gateway error. This could affect your business conversion rates badly. The least you could do is channelize the experience of having 502 bad gateway error on the screen better. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have a user-friendly error page

As a 502 bad gateway error cannot always be avoided; you can at least be of little help to your users. This could be done by actually suggesting the few ways the error could be fixed. Like refreshing the page, trying it a while later, etc.

  • Keep the users updated

Also, you do not want it to hit like a thunderbolt to the user; it is good to keep the users informed on the glitch. You can provide a hint to when the error would be resolved.

The Wrap Up

So, this was all about 502 bad gateway error. It can be fixed instantly without much in-depth knowledge of website development. 

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