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A simple plugin that allows you to place a clock in your timezone on your wordpress site.

Your Local Time

The Blog Clock Plugin

There’s no denying the global nature of the internet. You might open your shop up in the UK, only to find that some of your first customers live in the US! While this is excellent for business, it’s terrible for customer support. If you’re a small business or hobby, it makes little sense to hire a support team to cover the timezones that you won’t be available for. But what can you do? What if customers start complaining about your slow response times for resolving issues? You’ve tried putting up a disclaimer saying that you’re only available at certain times, and you’ve tried using a widget that disables the ability to contact support unless you are available, but there’s still complaints! Notably, there’s complaints from customers stating that they can’t tell when you’ll be online because your listed hours of availability don’t match up with their timezone.

What is Blog Clock?

Exactly what it says on the tin! Blog Clock adds a functioning clock to your WordPress site that displays the current time in your timezone. Simply select your timezone and it’s ready to go! Fast, simple, and headache-free.

Easy to Use

I made sure that this plugin is painless to work with. Simply install it, activate it, select your timezone, and it’s good to go! If you do find yourself struggling with an issue, please visit our FAQ/Help page and see if the issue is resolved there. If not, contact me! I’m more than happy to help out.

Why Blog Clock?

For customer service, there is no app that is more useful than this! If customers are frustrated by “slow response times” from support, having a clock that displays the time for your customer support will be a useful addition. This can easily work alongside other plugins and widgets for customer support as a means to inform the customer of the best possible time to contact you.


Worried that a simple digital clock won’t convey that it is telling the time? Concerned that an analog clock wouldn’t fit with your site’s design? Concerned that it might be too small for your viewers? Do you need it to be mobile compatible? Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered! You can find a wide variety of customization options, from the style of clock, to the size and color of the clock. For those of you who are more technically skilled, it is possible to import your own clock designs to get one that perfectly matches with your site layout. I currently do not create custom clocks, but am considering opening up commissions to work with you on creating the perfect clock for your site. Keep an eye out for updates!

Try the Block Clock Plugin For WordPress

I needed a simple way of displaying my local timezone, the Blog Clock gets the job done.
Gary K.
Makes it incredibly easy to customize and choose my time zone.
Lucy A.
Affiliate Marketing
Blog Clock allows me to show potential clients my local time zone to hear back from me.
Jarrad M.
Real Estate Agent
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