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WordPress Release 5.4: What Is New?

WordPress released the upgraded version 5.4, named “Adderley”, for public usage on 31/03/2020.

If you have administrator access to your WordPress site, you can find the upgrade option in the Dashboard segment of the admin section. The other way to upgrade to this version is by initiating a fresh WordPress download of the latest version. You need to follow the standard protocols that involve backing up and verification of the existing WordPress database and files.

WordPress update has brought in a lot of new features for the users as wells as the developers. Hence, without further ado, let us dive into what’s coming from WordPress Adderley!


This WordPress release provides you with the option of adding two more blocks

Social Icons

With this additional block editor, you are now able to add a social platform icon to your post or page. You will only be able to add an icon that has the link to your social profile. It still does not provide the option to share on a social platform, for which you will require a separate plugin.


The previous version of the Button block is now replaced by this new Buttons block. As clearly evident from its name, this new block enables you to add more than one button alongside each other within the same block holder. Multiple design options are made available as pre-set or editable, to provide a unique outlook to each block.

The update further provides you the flexibility of playing with the block colors. You can now easily select color gradient for background and texts, for not only the cover block but also for any individual or multiple blocks that have been grouped.

If you want to separate a column from a regular passage, the upgraded color feature will provide usefully. Moreover, you have the freedom to color the only portion of your text instead of the entire text, which was not possible in the previous versions.

The featured image part is now enabled with the drag-drop feature. Instead of manual uploading of the featured image, dragging and dropping of the desired image into the featured section has now been made possible.

If you are someone who uses mobile devices for updating your blog posts, then you must have faced issues to use the toolbar which kept moving around. With this latest update, this block toolbar has been made immovable and thus, mobile-friendliness is a lot enhanced. 

In the image gallery block, you can now select the size of the image in the setting menu. 

In the latest post block, you can now incorporate the featured image and edit the size and position. 

Enhanced User Experience

WordPress breadcrumbs now provide a very easy way to navigate through multiple blocks.

Block selection has been made easier by introducing the selection button. You can easily select the block, by clicking on the select option and then taking your mouse to the desired block.

  • The navigation of blocks using keyboards is now more accurate and sharper. All block sidebars are now accessible using the keyboard tab.
  • Block editors now load 14% quicker with 51% swifter time-to-type!
  • The tip feature has been disabled. A comprehensive Welcome Guide has now been provided. This guide is now accessible anytime you need it.
  • You can easily check if you are working in a clock-edit or block-navigation method. All you need to do is glance!
  • Access to advanced versions of a tool and its feature is obtainable by installing the Glutenberg plugins.

More Privacy

Data privacy has always been a top-most concern to any stakeholder. All the previously available privacy tools are now upgraded with security improvement. All the exported personal data are made available in two formats – HTML and JSON.

The HTML version features an index of the constituent data, which you will find very easy to navigate. The user experience has been amped up by uncluttering the layout.


From a developer’s point of view, the update has brought in the following upgrades:

  • You can now add a customized field to the menu item, without the need for plugins or a customized walker.
  • You now have access to simplified block tailoring. Negative margin and default pads have now been removed. Edit the blocks as you want.
  • Registration of block groups can now be done using namespace covering various categories. This is particularly useful if you are into building a plugin. This provides you the avenue to make your brand more visible. Essentially, this also means that if you want to add a clock for gamers on your casino online, you should be able to do that flawlessly.
  • You are now able to provide more flexibility to your users in terms of block variation ad gradient.
  • You will now be able to embed TikTok content on your page. However, CollegeHumor support has now been withdrawn.

This major update provides you with improved ways to make our content more engaging — by enabling usage of embedding more imagery and media content, by using blog clocks, and more. Users will find easier to interact with your page once you make it more user-friendly with the help of updated block features and sped up processes.

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