What is Blog Clock?

Why would you need a Blog clock for WordPress? Someone running a business in the UK with clientele in the US would know for sure. How would it bode for the business if you didn’t have dedicated response in-charge and the client messages were left unattended for hours?

This can happen a lot when your business does not have dedicated resources for clientele communication and your time zone binds your availability to certain times. What could possibly help here? Some WordPress plugin maybe?

There are certain WordPress widgets that can be an aid if you cannot afford a dedicated resource for clientele communication and response. You can easily let your clients know that it might be post-midnight in your time zone when they are looking to communicate.

You can certainly bring in a clock widget for blog on your page and the problem would be tackled to a certain extent. A simple clock for blog on WordPress can solve the problem of clientele getting annoyed at not getting prompt responses at awkward times for you.

Blog Clock

Blog Clock is a WordPress plugin that displays a clock widget on your site for a certain time zone that you may choose. It comes with easy installation to your site and the customizability to any time zone in the world.

Blog Clock just needs you to install it, activate it and set it to your time zone. Easy as that and a clock widget blog would be ready. Your site will be hosting a clock that would show your potent clientele the time in your zone, hence cutting down on unresponsive behavior.

Why use Blog Clock for WordPress?

Blog Clock, apart from being the source of resolving a possible time zone conflict with clients, also enables you to make your website catchy and attractive. You can choose to display the sort of clock that you like.

Worried that a certain clock would not suit your site? Thinking that the blog clock should be mobile compatible and customizable? Want to adjust the appearance, layout, or the design of the clock?

No worries, Blog Clock has you covered there. It comes with a variety of designs and the added feature of easy customization to enable you to make your website host whatever type of clock suits your needs.

Bottom Line

Owning a WordPress site for business and frustrated by the complaints regarding the unresponsive support on your website? You need this plugin that just simply shows time according to your zone.

You can show the availability of support and communication for the clientele in your time zone and get riddance from the unresponsiveness problem. Get the Blog Clock and host a stylish clock on your WordPress blog, just like Pine Tree Web, that rids you of one of the problems that halt your progress online.

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