Best WordPress plugins for your blog

Best WordPress plugins for your blog in 2020

We know how tough it can get when you are looking to choose WordPress plugins for your blog. The task can be daunting, to say the least, if you don’t have a head start already.

WordPress blog plugins are pivotal to the success of any blog site, not just because they offer a few functions but also because they enhance all existing operabilities of your website as well.

If you were to create a blog site, you would have to make sure that the website is user-friendly and tailored for your business niche. This very task can be completed in a few simple steps.

First of all, if you haven’t yet created a WordPress free blog, get started with it now. Create a blog over WordPress and load it with a theme that is suited to blog sites.

Once you have created a website using a blog-friendly theme, you have to make sure it has all the user-friendly plugins installed. You can diversify the range of these plugins from a simple clock for blog to a complex Yoast SEO for blogger websites.

Now, what are we talking about when we refer to a blog plugin? We refer specifically to plugins that make your website user-friendly, operably superior, and easy to analyze. The plugins thus range from simple social share buttons to complex firewalls for protection.

How to make your blog great?

Before we jump on to the list of great WordPress plugins for blogs, we want to shed a little light on what are the vitals for the creation of the best WordPress blogs.

To be accurate, it has to be about the usage of the best WordPress plugins for blogs and making the blog site as user-friendly as possible.

You can do this by making sure that your users are finding all the necessary services on your site, can share your content, can interact with the website, and you can know your statistics as well.

Make sure your users are comfortable with how your interface looks and how the content is presented on your site. Moreover, make sure they have enough interaction options per comments, contact forms, and social share buttons.

If your blog site has these options, your users are more likely to end up tied to your content and your site for longer. A brilliant example of such a website is this one: It has everything you would want in a blog site!

12 Great WordPress plugins for your blog

If you were to go on a searching spree for great WordPress plugins for blog sites, you would have to spend numerous hours to go through enough of them to make a choice.

To your benefit, we have already performed that part of this exercise for you. We have carried out this in-depth research about WordPress plugins that are great for blog sites.

We have narrowed the number down to 12 and you can then choose from these 12 plugins those for your site. 

1.  WordFence

Wordfence plugin

Firewalls are pivotal to any online entity. Without necessary protective measures in place, your site and its users are both at risk of exposure to harmful content and breaches.

How do you keep your site protected, yet easily accessible to all? WordFence helps you get rid of any such vulnerabilities and lapses in security. WordFence, being one of the best possible firewalls, ensures that your website is well protected against any possible malicious attacks.

Compared to a cloud firewall that can leak data, lose encryption, and be bypassed, Wordfence working on an endpoint firewall makes sure you are well-protected.

The endpoint firewall mechanism of WordFence ensures that your website is safe from any breaches, data stealth, bypassing, and decryption of encrypted data.

WordFence offers live traffic optimization so that you know when a certain type of traffic is causing threats to your data. With its leaked password protection option, all your private data is secured.

Moreover, with its advanced manual blocking, country blocking, file repair options, and secured two-factor authentication, you have the perfectly secured firewall with Wordfence.

Wordfence regularly updates its data warehouse to stay updated with the latest threats, malware, and breach methods. With WordFence, you can be sure of having the best protection against malware and attacks.

2.  JetPack

Jetpack plugin

Talking about security and protection, we couldn’t just give you one choice. Jetpack is another great plugin for website protection, security, and details.

JetPack allows you to take care of your website against all possible threats. With this plugin installed, your website is safe from brute force attacks and malware threats.

It automatically creates a backup of your website data after regular intervals. Usually, the backup is created once a day or in real-time, allowing you to be free of any fear of losing your data.

JetPack also gives you a secure login with an optional two-factor authentication to make the login process smoother and easier. It also keeps track of every change on site to simplify troubleshooting.

In addition to all that, JetPack also servers your images, CSS files, and static files from their servers instead of yours for better protection and speeds. 

Just sign up for JetPack and you will be free from a number of worries related to site security and optimization relative to speed and protection.

3.  All in One WP Migration

All in One WP Migration

If you want to export your WordPress website and its data and you have little to no coding knowledge, you should definitely go for this one. With the All-in-one WP Migration plugin, exporting a WP site becomes way easier.

All-in-one WP Migration plugin simply helps you export all of your data relative to the website and all within the database to any specified warehouse or host location.

You don’t need to be a programmer to execute this very task. To be accurate, you don’t even need a little knowledge of coding or programming to export your website data using the All-in-one WP Migration plugin.

With this plugin, you can export your data, make copies of your website data, or even secure your vulnerable data in case you lose it. Moreover, you can find and replace operations on the website and fix any recurring serialization issues too.

It offers MYSQL and MYSQLI support in addition to zero limitations on hosting and OS requirements, zero limitations on uploads, and no dependencies.

Once you have the All-in-one WP Migration plugin, you don’t have to worry about the data export and all. It would then be a matter of an installation and a few clicks.

4.  Optimole

optimole image plugin

For every blog site, images play an important part in bringing and retaining visitors. How come? It is the digital age. The graphical representation of information is pivotal.

Now, all that said and stated, images are heavy and often slow down your website. You want images on your website, but you definitely don’t want your website to slow down.

We have an answer for you: Optimole. It makes your life easier when it comes to image optimization. Optimole makes your images load faster and makes your site speed remain unaffected even after the addition of images.

Optimole is made such that it optimizes images on your website for all kinds of devices and platforms. The images are optimized for each user based on their device type and even browser.

The images are loaded from a free CDN and it is then made sure that all the images loaded are suited to all browsers, devices, platforms, screen resolutions, and network strengths. 

In addition to that, Optimole allows the addition of watermarks to images and image properties. It also offers easy tracking and monitoring in addition to retina and WEBP support.

To get started on image optimization, you just have to sign up for Optimole and link your website and images to it. From thereon, your website will have images optimized to perfection.

5.  RankMath

RankMath  seo  plugin

Staying in the functional and operational niche, we have Search Engine Optimization and statistical analysis on our list now. It is the basis of success for every online business.

You have to know where you stand and what more can be done to make your journey better. That can only be done if you are being discovered online by potential customers. Either you can pay bulky amounts for ads that may or may not work, or you can work with SEO.

RankMath could be an easier solution there. It is one of the finest SEO plugins you will find over the web. It makes your life easier and helps you rank better on search engines, increasing your traffic and hence, revenue.

With RankMath, you don’t need to go through lengthy and complex setups and installation processes. You can simply follow a step-by-step installation wizard and that’s all. RankMath simply doesn’t need you to be a tech geek to operate it.

RankMath has an excellent Modular Framework and thus provides an excellent interface for interaction with SEO statistics for your website. You can simply look at the dashboard and you would know.

RankMath is coded such that it does not affect your website’s speeds or functionalities in any manner. The code is optimized to keep your website up to the mark in terms of performance and speed.

In addition to that, RankMath has XML sitemaps, rich snippets, breadcrumb navigation, 404 monitoring, local and advanced SEO, automatic redirection, multiple keyword optimization, and in-depth SEO analysis to make SEO an easy job.

Get RankMath now and know where you stand with your keywords, webpage rankings, and competition. Just a simple sign up and installation that can help you rank better on search engines.

6.  Yoast SEO

We thought you should have more than one option regarding Search Engine Optimization and that is because it is so vast a niche that we couldn’t narrow it down to a single plugin for this very niche.

Yoast SEO for blogger sites is a miraculous combination. Once you are using Yoast for your blog website, you are going to rank higher than others just because it helps you optimize your content in terms of Search Engines too.

Yoast also helps you with a competitive analysis of your keyword standings and presents suggestions to improve those rankings as well. With those suggestions, you can improve your search engine standings considerably.

With its title and meta description templating, you get to optimize your content such that the chances of it being discovered and viewed become much higher.

It also allows you to control your site’s breadcrumbs and edit your URLs according to your focus key phrases. All this helps your webpage to rank higher on search engines and gives you a better chance at audience acquisition.

With its premium version, you also have a choice between local and global SEO. With the local SEO, you can specifically target a locale better suited to your business requirements.

Yoast SEO also offers user support to its premium users. All this makes it a great choice for your website in terms of an SEO plugin.

7.  Monster Insights

Analytics are an important part of your business if you want to excel online. Unless and until you don’t know your analytical statistics, you are unaware of your strengths and your shortcomings.

Monster Insights could help you with that. Instead of going to Google Analytics every time you need to look at your statistics, you can have them all in front of you on your WordPress dashboard.

It is one of the finest Google Analytics plugins for WordPress as it offers universal tracking to be set up with just a few clicks across different platforms and campaigns without the need for coding.

Monster Insights offers a live dashboard with real-time statistics that allow you to see who is online and what they are doing on your website from within your WordPress account.

You can get detailed statistics for each page with Monster Insights as it offers page-level analytics too. Monster Insights also automatically tracks all your affiliate links and ad banners to help you keep track of things better.

It has EU compliance, is GDPR enabled, and offers advanced eCommerce tracking. You can also add custom dimensions to your analytics dashboard with Monster Insights.

You can also enable Optimization for A/B testing, speed adjustment, sample rates, and several other advanced features with Monster Insights on board.

8.   Contact Form by WP Forms

When it comes to blog sites, you want to give your users any chance of interaction you can. You can start on that by creating a lead capturing form on your website to keep your audience on the circle.

The best way to capture lead through the website is by using a contact form. There are a thousand ways to do that and you might even be willing to pay money for it, but there is an easier way here.

Contact Form by WP Forms is the perfect way to capture leads and communicate with your visiting audience. It allows you to keep track of your leads and use the leads list to send out email blasts too.

It offers you a drag-and-drop form builder that cuts down required efforts for the creation of a form. There are prebuilt form templates that you can use instead of starting from scratch.

Contact Form is mobile-ready and SEO friendly. Hence, it makes sure that the majority of your audience is catered to. It’s SEO friendly interface makes your website discoverable too.

You can also create surveys and polls for your users with this plugin. It is easy to use and comes with necessary documentation and support so that you aren’t left behind.

9.  Blog Clock

Blog clock wordpress plugin

We already discussed how a blog is all about facilitating your users and making your website as user-friendly as you can. This can be done when you have taken all measures to ensure your users feel at home using your website.

Adding a Clock to your blog site is one way. It takes care of a few aspects of customer satisfaction and retention. The blog clock added to your website helps your users know what time it is. 

You can tailor the clock to your time zone so that the users know if support is available or not. With this measure in place, your users know when your support is offline and there are no angry customers.

This digital clock for blog is simply perfect. You can choose between ana analogous display or a digital display and place the clock wherever you want on your website with great ease.

The Blog Clock is easy to install and operates smoothly on your website. Its installation does not affect your site’s speed or performance either. Win-win situation. Isn’t it?

10.  Disqus Comment System

Involving your audience with the content is the basic essence of every blog site. If you aren’t doing that, you aren’t doing things in the best possible manner.

The Disqus comment system allows your users to interact with the content by commenting on the website. They can add comments and you can reply to them creating a communication stream live on the website.

Disqus has a simple and seamless integration with WordPress that allows you to easily install the plugin and run it on your website. It adds value to your site with email and web notifications for users too.

The comment system also improves your SEO rankings with the help of user-generated content in the comments. This helps you both ways, in audience acquisition as well as in retention.

The comment system is secure and seamless, to say the least. It also syncs contacts with WordPress automatically and helps you keep track of recurring users in the comments section.

11.  Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon wordpress plugin

Social Media has quite a charm and you would definitely need a lot of that charm to excel online with your business. With the help of social media, your website can benefit a lot.

These days, a business without social entities is considered outdated or even an outcast. You don’t want a user to come to your site and believe that. Do you?

Now, you can integrate your social media accounts to your website such that you can display your social content on your site the way you want to. This gives your users a sneak peek into your social existence and links your social media strategy to your website and vice versa.

Smash Balloon integrates Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter to your website and allows you to display social content on your website any way you want to.

The interface provided by Smash Balloon is beautiful, simple, responsive, customizable, and SEO friendly. You have all that you need out of a social integration tool with Smash Balloon.

12.  Pinterest pin it button

Pinterest pin it button

Pinterest is quite a unique social media platform and you rarely find plugins that cater to Pinterest. But there is a reason that we have included a Pinterest Pin button plugin in this list.

Pinterest is one of the hottest social media platforms for generic marketing and audience reach if used properly. If you can share content from your site directly to your business’s Pinterest, that is a plus.

Pinterest pin it button allows you to post any image from your blog site directly to your Pinterest account with a simple hover and click methodology.

All you need to do is to hover your mouse over an image and click on the share option to Pinterest and it’s done. Once you have this plugin on your site, the process is as simple as that.


These 12 plugins are great for any blog website on the internet. You can look through and find those that suit you the best. Install and enjoy the perks.

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