Why should you update WordPress and its plugins?

Why should you update WordPress and its plugins?

We came to the idea that we should probably elaborate on this topic for everyone when one of our clients inquired about if they should update WordPress and with it, the blog clock.

First of all, you need to know that your digital well-being is the first and foremost priority for WordPress, for us, and for every other digital asset owner in the world. That said, let’s discuss how your digital well-being depends on updating plugins.

When our client sent in a query termed as ‘why update WordPress?’, we thought that the answer should not just be kept in an answered query. Everyone should know the reason that the updates are valued so much.

There are a number of reasons that WordPress or a plugin decides to update its operable features, security, privacy policies, or interface. All these reasons are directly related to your business growth.

If we have to establish the importance of updating plugins and WordPress itself, we need to work with a little scenario as an example and we think that will help you understand it better.

Why update WordPress?

Let’s consider you have an older version of WordPress and you decide not to update it once, twice, and then thrice. You stayed behind and did not prosper and transform with the tide.

Now, you have an outdated website that does not bode well with visitors. It is slow and it does not protect you well against certain attacks. It also lacks the speed your visitors expect from an established business website.

The same thing happened recently with numerous companies across the globe. When a few opted against choosing the most recent version of WordPress, they lost a lot of customers.

The WordPress update contained a lot of security updates, functional prowesses, and design superiorities over the previous versions. Without updating to the latest version, those new features were out of the reach of many businesses.

The reasons that make updating WordPress a necessity rather than a positive aspect are:

  • Protection against attacks
  • Privacy updates
  • Up to date features
  • Latest design options
  • Speed and much more.

Why do you need to update plugins?

Let’s consider our plugin as an example here. It is a WordPress clock plugin and there isn’t much that you would think it carries as something that needs to be updated and all. Right?

That is not the case though. When even the smallest of the plugin comes up with a plugin update request, it is offering you better performance, speed, and security.

We always recommend our clients to update our plugin whenever there is an update because a plugin update usually comes with new features, security measures, and speed fixes.

If you don’t update your plugins regularly, you would succumb to slower website speed and hence, higher bounce rates and more security issues too.

Even if your WordPress plugins demand an update every week, we recommend that you should update them promptly and without a second thought given.

We are sure that the best plugins always require regular updates subject to modern trends, security updates, privacy reasons, and functional requirements of the users.

How to update your WordPress and plugins?

Updating your WordPress or its plugins is not a tough ask. All you need to do is to click on the update button that shows up on your screen when you are going through your WordPress backend or your plugin gallery.

One simple click, a few minutes of waiting at max, and you will have your WordPress and your plugins up-to-date and updated. That is one way to ensure that you are not left behind on the digital front.


We think that your website’s speed, security, and performance are enough reasons to update your WordPress and plugin versions regularly. Do you too?

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