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How To Track Your Online Casino Conversion On WordPress

When you run an online casino platform through WordPress, you are guaranteed to come across a number of different visitors. Well, this is the reason that you want to add a blog clock to your online casino website – to deliver an amazing user-experience to players located in different zones. 

Some visitors are simply entertainment seekers.  All they want to do is enjoy a day of online casino gaming and take it forward from there. Some other visitors could be the hard core casino enthusiasts, who might have a bag of experience in the field of casino gaming. 

On the other hand, there could be another group of visitors who want an entire package with all the facilities of the casino, the bonuses, offers, and the likes. 

You might wonder as to how to track the conversion rate on an online casino platform. This is where the concept of conversion rate comes up. It basically refers to the percentage of website visitors or website traffic that actually convert into being regulars on the site, and registering their accounts. Understanding the conversion rates is one of the KPIs of an online casino on WordPress. 

Understanding Conversion Rates

Before you know how to track the conversions on the online WordPress casino, here is a deep dive into the concept of conversion. Broadly speaking, conversion rate is the number of people visiting the casino that behave in the same way that you would have wanted them to, as compared to the total website visitors. 

In other words, the users clicked on an advertisement online, visited the online casino, and then made an account on the page and signed up for the long haul. There are two different kinds of conversion rates to be dealing with on WordPress. 

Conversion rate 1 – This is the percentage of people who signed up on the casino with an account as compared to the total number of visitors on the site. 

Conversion rate 2 – This refers to a percentage of all the players who made a real money deposit as compared to all the account holders on the site. 

Tracking Conversion Rates on WordPress

WordPress proves to be a very robust platform for all kinds of online casino gaming ventures. This is all thanks to the exciting and stable interface provided. Talking about conversion rates, there are some interesting ideas that could be integrated with your system in order to derive the most out of your online casino websites. 

Google Analytics 

It essentially tracks how the user travels through the online casino website on WordPress. 

Ideally, there are so many different methods you could experiment with in order to track the conversion rate of your online casino. But creating and managing a conversion contact page could be one of the highlights of the process. 

The idea here is to create a Thank you page for the users on the website and then track the number of people stumbling upon this form. This could be integrated into the website right after the user signs up and makes an account for themselves and before they make their first deposit.

This page would seek the contact details of the user and add in a small note that the website owners will get in touch with the users. This can bridge the gap between the users stumbling on the casino page and the signing up. 

How do you create a Thank You page for the casino website? The process is simple. All you would have to do is navigate to the Pages section of the webpage and click on ‘Add New’. This will lead you to the template of the page where you could fill in the details as and when required. The next step would include the user being redirected to the Thank You page once the signup formalities are completed. 

Conversion Page Goals

Now, that the conversion page has been set up already, it would be a nice idea to actually set goals for the page visits. This serves well as a Google Analytics tool where anyone who lands up on this page would be considered to be a conversion for the online casino. 

For this, you could first navigate to the admin view and create a new goal from the Goals panel. This would be followed by choosing the page you want to track in particular. That is where the Destination parameter of the goals segment would be assigned to. To sum it up, every time the user hits this page and, the page will lead to registering as a conversion lead on Google Analytics for the website. 

Finally, the goal has been set at this point of time. And if you want to track its progress and check the conversions, all you have to do is go to the Overview segment of the Goals page and you can have all the details on screen. 

Majestic SEO

This is another important tool for all WordPress website page owners to track their conversion rates and have a more holistic view of the page’s backend operations. It is a necessary tool if you want to stay afloat and make it big in the online casino gaming market.

 It has the potential to analyze the backlinks of your website, and place it against the status of your competitors. This gives you a decent view of where you stand in online casino gaming. The different KPI metrics and their comparison proves to be a useful trick here. 


Building and maintaining your online casino gaming website on WordPress could make your world a whole lot easier. It has a host of options, like specialized themes and plugins that could help you trace the page’s performance on the backend. Conversion rates are an important parameter for assessing your site’s performance. If the rates are consistently low over a period of time, it is high time you reflect over the site’s design or functions or its interactive nature to figure out the areas that could be improved upon. 

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