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How to Set Up a free or premium Business Email Address?

What is the simple thing that makes a business email address a good thing for a professional email campaign? As a matter of fact, it is not only good but pivotal at times for a successful email campaign.

We all know that there are a lot of little things that contribute largely to the success of a lot of business endeavors. An email address is one of those little things that might not seem to be that important but still plays a big role in the success of your business campaigns.

When you are creating an email campaign, you have a choice between using the layman email address or a professional email address. The better way is to go with a professional one.

You can use a simple and free email account to send out your business correspondences to your existing and potential customers, but that would not really have a good effect.

It is found that your email domain relates to the brand image and authenticity of your business. If you send an email from ‘’ it will not be as good as the one from ‘’.

When you choose a professional methodology and choose a work email that is either acquired from a premium source or is a free business email, you have a branding effect with you.

Why is a Business Email Address important?

You know that there can be two ways to communicate with your customers over the email platform. You can choose to be a layman or be professional. It is all your choice.

In our view, you should always choose the professional methodology and go for a business email address with a dedicated email domain that names your business. It helps the customer believe in your brand.

These email endings are not just about adding your business domain to the end of your username and sending out an email. It is all about creating a professional effect on the customer. 

You know why they mean so much? We can discuss one of our clients that had a lot of problems with lowering CTRs and falling opening rates for their email campaigns.

The lowering CTRs had forced them to switch platforms and whatsoever in just under 2 months and they were thinking what went wrong. They were a casino business and even their existing customers were reporting their emails as spam.

We were there to tell them that it was majorly due to the fact that they were opting to use a ‘’ address for the email blasts.

Once they switched their email address to a professional one with their business domain, the next email blast saw zero spam reports, zero hard bounces, doubled opening rate, and an 80% increased CTR.

That implies and proves that a professional email address with your business domain makes the customers feel safer when they open your emails. Want to switch to the professional ones or not? Let’s have a look at the options.

Free Business Email Services

  1. Zoho Mail

We all know Zoho because it is one of the most famous SaaS and there are numerous products from Zoho available across the web. You can find its CRMs, Slack alternatives, and business emails too. All in one?

You can get a free Zoho account and it would allow you to set up your email address and accounts against the domain that you own for your website. It does not come with a mobile app though.

You get to have a maximum upload limit of 25 MB for attachments, a 5 GB data limit and hosting for one domain only. You can only send emails from the web since there is no mobile app, but still, it is so much for free.

  1. cPanel

When you read cPanel, it must have sounded familiar. Some of you might even know the platform and might have worked on it for a few troubles too. It also provides you with business emails based on your domain.

You can set up email addresses for separate accounts against the domain that you have acquired from your hosting service and are associated with the cPanel account already.

It is a tougher platform to set up and use and you might have to read through more to learn how to create a business email and the POP/IMAP instructions before you can send out emails.


With this very platform, you might not get your business domain as the business email address because it provides you with general niche based email domains, but still, it is better than the layman email.

It provides you with email addresses followed by something like ‘’ and ‘’ and you can send out emails from such addresses for free then.

Premium Email Services

  1. GSuite

When it comes to premium or paid business email services, we think there is none better than GSuite. We can vouch that using a google email for business is just about the perfect way to do it.

Using GSuite, you have access to the email domain that you own as a business domain for your website. Once you can prove the ownership, you can start sending emails from your GSuite right away.

GSuite costs $6 per user per month to use, but you get to have access to a huge volume of data for the cloud, Google Sheets, Drive, and every Google online tool with the premium features. And it has the perfect interface too.

  1. Outlook 365 for Business

You know what even comes near to the level of features and comfort you get to have with GSuite? It is Outlook 365 without a doubt. Microsoft has upstaged its quality and Outlook 365 is proof of that.

With Outlook 365, you have access to Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and all such tools online. You get a terabyte of cloud storage and much more. It can be safely said that Outlook 365 is the GSuite parallel from Microsoft.

How to set up a business email address?

For most of the platforms that we have discussed above, you need to simply go through a few simple steps before you can start sending emails from your business domain.

You need to prove the ownership of the business domain through your hosting service that you want to use for your emails. Once you do that, you just need to set up the accounts and start sending emails.

All of this is easy with most of the platforms that provide you with a business email, but it is different on cPanel. You need to do a few extra things and we will lead you through that.

Setting up a business email in cPanel

It is different but it is not very complex. There are five simple steps you need to take before you can start sending emails from your business email. 

  1. Just log into your cPanel from your hosting service account.
  2. Go to the Email Accounts option inside the Mail tab in the menu.
  3. Set up the email addresses and passwords as per your preferences.
  4. Choose your email client as per your preferences. Say Microsoft Live Mail.
  5. Start using your business email to send out emails.


We think that you should always choose to send business emails and blast campaigns using a business email that has your business domain in the end. 

You can choose between a free or a premium option depending on your budget and your requirements.

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