How to find a good WordPress developer for your project?

How to find a good WordPress developer for your project

Are you struggling to launch a perfect website for your fresh online business? Or are you getting enough traffic or conversion because of a poorly optimized site? Do you need a good WordPress developer to do the job?

You are not the only one around here. Many business owners who are new to this field face similar situations. 

What are your options? 

You can develop your site on your own. All you have to do is to master the art of using CMS. And if you are already into web designing, you must be familiar with WordPress. WordPress is the best user-friendly CMS any developer can come across.  

It is so handy to use; to create a website, you need to know a 5-minutes theme installation process. However, if you want to customize the site, this is not everything you have to learn because there are plenty more for the developer.

Besides the simple WordPress updates that are equally important for your site, your site needs a lot more customization. It requires SEO troubleshooting, speed optimization, and security protocol enhancement.

All of these things require extensive coding, and it can be pretty hard for you or anyone not acquitted with codes.

Having said that, you might expect that we will ask you to learn to code first, and maybe you are enthusiastic enough to answer yes, too, but we will recommend you not be overwhelmed.

Let us warn you that this is not the case this time. It is near to impossible to master the art behind it in days. And you can not be an expert at WordPress development either.

If you want to work on your WordPress website, you need someone with expertise in programming languages associated with the platform.

Why do you need a WordPress Developer?

Let’s talk about WordPress itself, and then we will move to the part where you can find a good WordPress developer for your site.

What exactly is WordPress? That’s what you need to know before you start working on its technical and functional aspects. 

WordPress is the architect of almost every website you will find on the internet. It is pretty popular among the web-developers community because of the power it provides.

Though it is easy to learn and use, it is tough to master. Sometimes it can get tough figuring out an error like the 504, and if you don’t know all of it, you will find it difficult.

With a little help from a guide or WordPress tutorials from youtube, you might be able to install themes, customize your site’s appearance, add plugins, and run troubleshoots for your website. Still, the tough part is optimizing your site’s performance and making it perfect.

And for this part, you will surely need a good WordPress developer.

Before hiring the developer, you need to know what you are looking for in a developer.

To be a skilled WordPress developer, one must be brilliant in HTML, PHP, and CSS, along with Javascript’s little know-how. And with the efficiency in these languages in hand, you are pretty much ready to create your site with perfection.

In online gambling, your website needs to bear a lot of burdens and there’s a lot to be done. For one of our clients, we offered them our services and gave them the advice to go for an expert WordPress developer. This worked out for them, and now they have an exciting website.

If you want to take our advice, this is what we are going to recommend to you as well. Hire a Web-developer and get your job done. Otherwise, you may go through an imperfection phase or an extreme learning curve.

Where to Find a Good WordPress Developer.

If you are now thinking to hire a full-blown, full-time resource to handle your WordPress issues and tasks, we will not suggest that to you either. We believe that the idea of taking the services of a freelancer will be much better for you.

We have got the reasons too. You can hire a freelancer with a full skill-set, and you can choose between many options that suit your economic boundaries.

Here we have listed 4 places where you can go and order for the services of an expert WordPress developer for your site.


Formerly Odesk, Upwork has attained new heights in freelance popularity in recent years. And the credit goes to the payment protection and measures for identity proofs it implements.

Upwork is an online freelance platform that allows you to recruit freelancers based on your preferences and choices. All you have to do is put your job offer on the platform and wait for freelancers to apply.

The amazing thing about Upwork is that around 80% of the recruiters find candidates that suit their preferences within 24 hours of posting the offer. Isn’t that real quick?

 Moreover, you have the freedom to choose between a fixed price or an hourly contract. Upwork also provides a time-tracking tool that will allow you to monitor screen activity and computer activity in the logged time. With this tool, you can monitor time so that every hour paid is every hour worked. sets itself apart from every other freelance service in several ways. It attempts to alleviate some of the headaches and eradicates hurdles in finding a good website developer.

Some of the features of are:

  • deals specifically with WordPress. This means that everyone you find here is the right fit for you if you are looking for a good WordPress developer. On, you can avoid the painstaking process of filtering out applicants that can potentially take hours.
  • Codeable thoroughly vets all the freelancers. The developers have to pass several online tests, coding exams, and even an interview. So now you know that you have come to the right place.
  • You get a set price based upon the requirements of your project, no matter who the developer is. No haggling, no negotiation. Just professional development based on skills and need.


Next on our list is the old standby, Freelancers. If you need outside help for your WordPress project, Freelancers is still a solid choice. And that Freelancer is not WordPress exclusive can also turn in for your favor. Depending upon what you need, you can get the whole package for your website done here.

If you want a helping hand in Logo Designing or even Graphic designing, you can find the folks here.

The perks of using Freelancers are:

  • You can track your project inside their platform so that you can see the progress by yourself.
  • You can conduct your interviews on Freelancers to pick up the best fit for your job.
  • You can pay after the work is completed. This makes it safer at your end that you get the project finished. 

WordPress Jobs 

In the search for a good WordPress developer, it is not bad to go right back to the source. WordPress Jobs is aptly titled the official job board that is maintained by the WordPress Community. 

However, as mentioned earlier, it is a job board, not a freelancing platform, so you are subjected to face some typical community issues.

  • Postings on the board may be misleading or vague. It is on you to check the credentials of the developer.
  • No guarantee of payment or work is done. You have to be vigilant here.
  • Job boards are budget-friendly.
  • Postings are free, which is not a bad thing. You can create your own post within a few minutes and wait for the replies you will get.

Wrapping it up.

We would highly recommend hiring a developer from one of these options we have provided. You will surely get a developer that will suit your preferences. 

These platforms will help you with your source requirements regarding WordPress development and more. 

Just make sure that you hire the right person for the right job—Goodluck hiring a developer.

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