All That You Need To Know About WordPress 5.5 Update

All That You Need To Know About WordPress 5.5 Update

There is finally some good news to get excited about. After WordPress 5.4, WordPress 5.5 is here and is ready to rock your world. Let us give you a spoiler before you jump on to the rest of the article to know the updates in detail. 

Everything, block editor, site performance, and development, is going to be faster than ever with all the new features and updates. The block editor and page performance are the real MVPs of this new WordPress update.  Now onto the details. 

Block Editor 

WordPress 5.5 has made tremendous improvements towards embracing the Gutenberg editor as the primary page builder for WordPress websites. One of the major footfalls with this update would be that you don’t have to maintain different interfaces and page builders to work with your website development. 

The block editor in 5.5 has evolved to be a complete page builder application. 

UI Improvements

There are many little to big UI improvements that make it easier to work with Gutenberg. 

  • There are borders giving visual cues around the toolbars, buttons, icons, and focus highlighting as you try to navigate across the editor.
  • No more multitude of (+) signs all over the editing panels. Instead, you have easily noticeable buttons with (+) for the same functionality. 
  • Linked colors that allow for a consistent color palette across the websites. 
  • The ability to import and use more designed sections. 
  • Background gradients and divider features allowing for more control over your page designs  
  • Drag spacing feature that lets you move around the blocks and change the column and cell spacing as you wish with a dragging control. 
  • A blue indicator line to help you place blocks and drag it across the page as you prefer to.  
  • Now you can copy styles from one block and paste it onto another block without having to set the settings for each block manually. It is a real time saver. 
  • Advanced responsive controls that let you view device previews for each block and set device-specific styling. For instance, you can choose to show or hide text information based on the device for each block. More responsive settings like the collapse order, column layouts, and more can all be set for each block, thus providing a good granular level of responsive control. 
  • A fixed block panel that can help in faster page building. You can choose to either fix the block panel to the left side of the editor or slide it away when you want a wider work area. 

Block Directories

This is a new WordPress feature that will let you add block plugins to your website. You can browse through the available block plugins, install them, and use them on your site. You can also create your custom block directories and use them across different websites you develop or own.

Block Patterns

WordPress 5.5 is also introducing block patterns, which are essentially block templates that can be readily imported to your pages. You can expect these readymade patterns to grow more over time, thus giving you access to a wide range of ready to use page blocks. Building a page is thus expected to become a lot easier and quicker. 

Inline Image Editing

This is truly a handy feature that we were all waiting for. Because opening the images separately in the media library for edits was a little disrupting of the workflow. Now you don’t have to leave the block editor for making image edits. You can crop, rotate, scale up and down and resize images in the same place you are building your page. 

Auto Plugin And Theme Update

WordPress 5.5 allows you to enable the auto-update feature for every plugin and theme. You can set this option by accessing the plugin page and selecting the Enable Auto-Update option. 

On a similar note, upgrading an existing plugin or theme has also become easier. You don’t have to uninstall the older version and install the newer version. When you try to install a newer version of a plugin or theme, you get the message that it is already installed along with the current version information. You can choose to upgrade with a single click or keep using the older version. 

Native XML Sitemaps

We all know the importance of sitemaps in relevance to SEO. Guess WordPress has been aware of it as well. With the 5.5 version, you don’t have to rely on third-party plugins for basic sitemaps needs. WordPress provides native sitemaps by default. A new sitemap index file by the name of wp-sitemap.xml will be created and will contain all the links to the sitemap files generated. 

If you already have an SEO plugin with the sitemap feature, you can continue using the same as those plugins are capable of providing advanced customizations and features. 

Lazy Loading Of Images

Lazy loading is when the image files in your websites are optimized and load only when required or when the page scrolls down to the image’s location. The image is downloaded only when it has to be visible in the browser. This speeds up casino websites

, eCommerce websites, portfolio websites and other portals that make heavy use of images.

This helps boost the speed and performance of your website and was previously achieved with the help of relayed plugins. With WordPress 5.5, you can have access to this feature by default. 

Developer Updates

As for developers, the following changes could bring in some excitement:

  • The upgrade includes several updates to external libraries like PHPmailer, Twemoji, and SimplePie. 
  • You can selectively block, update, enable and disable specific plugins or themes
  • Dashicons now comes with an addition of 65 new icons.
  • PHP compatibility issues can be scanned more effectively with 5.5 


WordPress drives around 35% of the websites across the world. It is backed up by a huge community of developers and users and hence can continually evolve and provide the best of technology to help you run your websites smoothly. And with each new version, WordPress is indeed surpassing its own capabilities. This is the reason that you must update WordPress with new updates as they are rolled out.

The new WordPress 5.5 is especially geared towards providing a better block editor interface and performance improvements. Pages built with pre-designed blocks from WordPress are faring high scores in terms of performance and loading times. Do check out the latest version and get to building awesome websites.

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