CFD Platform Supports Plugin Development

The Blog Clock plugin solves a lot of different online issues based on customer support. The idea of this online clock has been developed to help out customers that would like to reach out to the support team of this specific website. Every website is accessible for users worldwide, which means that the support should be reachable at all times. With the help of the Blog Clock, customers are able to understand the timezone of the particular website. This simple solution already helped so many different companies worldwide and our plugin is still growing everyday. This has made me realize that I should consider further developments and create new concept. I came up with a lot of different ideas, but wasn’t really able to develop those. I really needed financial support in order to proceed my process and it was until last month that I was still looking for financial possibilities.

Thankfully I found the support that I was looking for. A trading company that is specialized in Binaire opties and CFD, Contract for Difference, showed their interests in my plugin and used it on their own platform. They requested a more customized version, since they wanted to install the Blog Clock based on their own corporate identity. With the help of their financial support, I was able to develop the exact same plugin that this CFD company had in mind. They also wanted to install a tool on their website that would allow online visitors to track down the statistics and price movements. This can be a great tool for online traders, because it would show the exact calculation of any stock. The development of this plugin would be very interesting to me as well, since i’ve never developed a plugin like this before. Now that i’ve received the financial support, I will be able to learn so much more about the trading industry, but also how CFD works.

In order to develop the plugin, I really have to educate myself about this specific market. By following online classes and watch several tutorials and instruction videos, I slightly start to understand the process of the stock. Now that I manage this information, I will be able to start with the development process of the plugin. This will take some time and the estimated delivery date will at least be around the month of February. After this plugin is finished, I will immediately start with another plugin for another client. This new clients is also operating in the concurrency industry, which is a great learning experience for me. Maybe I would like to specialize myself in this particular kind of market, so that I could offer my development work to all the different trading platforms. All of my plugins are available in the WordPress plugin library. They can simply be downloaded from this library and easily be installed with the help of the instructions. After activating the plugin, you will be able to select your style, colors and even the page where it should be displayed.

The new CFD plugin will offer limited options for traders to customize. If you would like to know more about this new upcoming plugin, do not hesitate to contact me in order to receive more information. You can also check out the foreign currencies pairs. Be sure to check out the best foreign exchange to be able to get a jist of what is going on in all the currency markets.

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