Best WordPress Plugins of 2019

WordPress is arguably the most popular content management system online, and it’s not difficult to see why: it’s easy to learn, versatile, and it contains thousands of plugins that allows users to customize their websites and make them unique.
However, these thousands of plugins come with a catch: it can be difficult to choose the perfect plugins for your site. Do you choose according to your niche? Or do you choose according to the function of the plugins, such as social media, speed, SEO, or backup?
If you are having trouble choosing the best WordPress plugin for your site, don’t worry! We’ve gone ahead and chosen some of the best plugins available on the WordPress site.
Here are 15 of the most popular and useful WordPress plugins for you:

  1. WPForms
    One of the most important things that you need on your WordPress website is a contact form. It allows your visitors to keep in touch with you so that you can easily send them updates and important information about your website!
    This quick and easy online form builder is drag & drop, which means that you only need to choose the elements that you want to include in your forms which just a few clicks. You can quickly make subscription forms, payment forms, surveys, and online order forms, to name a few! WPForms also integrates all the popular payment and marketing platforms from third-party makers, so you can make comprehensive forms with elements from other makers in minutes.
    You can even use their customize option so that you can create a unique WordPress user registration and login page.
  2. MonsterInsights
    If you want to keep track of your website’s performance on Google, MonsterInsights is a plugin that you should have on your WordPress site. This is arguably the best plugin that allows you to keep track of your Google Analytics so that you can see how people interact with your website. Among other benchmarks, you will be able to see user traffic, conversion rate, and even bounce rate!
    You can then customize and design your website according to the data that you can get from Google Analytics. Do you have a high traffic rate but a low conversion rate? Then you know that there is an issue with the people visiting your website. What is preventing them from converting? You will be able to pinpoint any issues with your traffic and react accordingly.
    The best part? The plugin allows you to display the most important stats on your WordPress dashboard so that you can easily see them at a glance.
    Take note that MonsterInsights is a free plugin but if you want to enjoy all the features, you need to get the paid version.
  3. Yoast SEO
    Any online marketer worth their salt is familiar with Yoast SEO. This amazing and powerful plugin will help you create SEO-friendly content for your website. While WordPress is already geared towards SEO from the get-go, using the Yoast plugin will help you identify which SEO practices will be best for your website.
    If you’re unsure which keywords are best for your niche, you can use Yoast to identify these keywords. This plugin can also help you add meta tags, connect your website to Google Search Console to help increase your website ranking, and even integrate your SEO practices to your existing social media accounts!
  4. Constant Contact
    As a business owner, you want to be able to have a way to communicate with your customers and site visitors even after they leave your website. The easiest way to do that is by email. Constant Contact allows you to create an emailing list quickly and easily. With a few clicks, you can create comprehensive emailing lists consisting of all your visitors, and even send beautiful newsletters depending on your schedule.
    One of the best features of Constant Contact is that you can easily integrate it with other WordPress plugins such as WPForms and OptinMonster (to be discussed next), so that you can create mailing lists even more quickly and easily.
  5. OptinMonster
    If you have a problem with high abandonment rate (i.e. users who leave your website without subscribing to your emailing list or users who abandon their shopping carts), then you need a tool like OptinMonster.
    This impressive and useful WordPress plugin allows you to “recapture” visitors who are about to abandon your site and convert them into subscribers or paying customers. You can create attractive opt-in forms using the tool’s customizable drag & drop form builder. Once you’ve created the forms, the tool’s display targeting feature will then display these campaigns directly to the users at the right time.
    If you are an affiliate blogger or you have an e-commerce website, this tool is definitely useful for you.
  6. Sucuri
    For website owners, one of the most essential parts of their website is being able to offer a secure and safe browsing experience for their users. Sucuri is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives your website a powerful web application firewall that protects you from external threats such as malware, DDoS, brute force attacks, hackers, and XSS attacks. This plugin is especially important if you handle sensitive financial information for your customers.
  7. WP Rocket
    Did you know that one of the factors that affect a high bounce rate is a website’s loading speed? If a website had a lag time of 2-3 seconds, it can increase your site’s bounce rate by 30%! Imagine losing 30 out of every 100 visitors?
    WP Rocket is the best WordPress plugin for caching. This process allows you website to dramatically increase in website speed and performance by automatically turning on WordPress recommended caching settings. While this particular plugin is only available in the paid version, I feel like it’s worth the price tag!
  8. BlogClock
    Sometimes the most simple plugins are the most essential. BlogClock might seem like a basic plugin but if you run websites that need a time monitor such as a travel website, this is the plugin to have!
    BlogClock allows you to put as many independently working clocks as you want on your website, and each clock can be set to any timezone or country in the world. These clocks are accurate to the microsecond.
  9. RafflePress
    If you love having giveaways and raffles on your website, RafflePress is an important plugin for you to have. This plugin allows you to run raffles quickly and easily through their drag & drop giveaway builder and giveaway templates.
    This plugin has been proven to increase website traffic, increase social media followers and email subscribers, and drive your social media engagement through the roof!
    Take note that visitors would need to enter their email address to enter your giveaways. This means that you can use RafflePress with Constant Contact to help build a comprehensive email list of all your visitors.
  10. CSSHero
    For those who have experience in making WordPress websites from scratch, CSS is how they make their websites look beautiful and appealing. However, it can be difficult to use CSS if you’re a beginner and you don’t have the time and resources to learn.
    Luckily, CSSHero allows you to customize the appearance of your website without using even a single piece of code! This plugin allows you to search the WordPress theme market easily and quickly so that you can find the theme that you need.
  11. LearnDash
    Do you have a website where people can learn courses, take quizzes, and submit assignments? Well, you need LearnDash! This quick and easy plugin allow you to create and sell online courses so that you can share your knowledge and allow people to enjoy your courses easily.
  12. SEMRush
    Another tool that’s essential for online marketing professionals is SEMRush. This tool allows you to improve your SEO strategy by gathering information on keyword rankings, doing backlink audits, and even getting data on keywords used by your competitors! All of these data will allow you to improve your marketing technique so that your website will have a higher search engine ranking.
  13. LiveChat
    One of the most important parts of the customer experience is making sure that your customers have a quick and easy way to connect with your customer service representatives (CSR) in real time. LiveChat allows you to put a live chat option on your WordPress website so that any concerns, questions, and inquiries can be answered as quickly as possible.
    LiveChat even comes with a mobile option so that your customers can stay connected with your CSR team even if they are on the go. Considering how many people use their mobile phones to browse online, you would be amiss if you don’t add a mobile option to your live chat!
  14. Shared Counts
    A quick and simple plugin, Shared Counts allows you to add beautiful social media buttons to your website. You can easily integrate any existing social media accounts to your WordPress websites, especially Facebook and Twitter.
    This plugin also helps keep track of shares via social media so that you can keep track of social media engagement.
  15. WPML
    By default, WordPress comes in English. However, in an increasingly connected world, you might need to offer your website in different languages in order to connect to customer bases in different countries.
    WPML allows you to create multilingual websites. If you have an existing website, this plugin can quickly and accurately translate the content to your preferred language.

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