Best WordPress Plugin For Your Blog Site 2020

Best WordPress Plugin For Your Blog Site 2020

A piece of software written in PHP, having a group of functions added to the WordPress website, is known as a WordPress Plugin. Using Plugin, you can extend functionality and add new, wonderful, and captivating features to WordPress websites even without writing a single line of code.

To date, there have been over 1.5 billion free plugin downloads from’s plugin library alone. As a site administrator, you can install or uninstall plugins from the admin area. Plugins can be downloaded manually and installed using an FTP client. 

The volume of free plugins is available for any function desired. There are countless developer websites offering plugins, so to get the best one from any website, you must check up on the creator of the plugin and the site upon which it is hosted

There are several questions which you should answer and this would lead you to the plugin you want.

How long has it been since updated? Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress? Are people getting answers to their queries? What rating does the plugin have?

There are myths that WP plugins leave your site to hacks and slow down your site. You should know that these myths are INVALID!. But some of the bad ones can affect the good working of your website.

Overabundant presence of plugins can leave you wondering how to choose the best plugin so, In this post, we have accumulated some of the best WordPress plugins for blog sites that can help you a great deal to enhance your site. All listed plugins are amongst the best and will prove productive in the smooth running of your site.

Here we go!

Google Analytics Dashboard

It is evident that if you have a good understanding of the target audience, you can determine everything from content to marketing strategies. And Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin is the most popular to deliver you with this information.

Over 1 million users love the Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress plugin as with it; you can view key analytics inside your WordPress dashboard. 

It is a tool that enables you to track the statistics on your website with all the powerful Google Analytics tracking features. You can set up all the powerful tracking features that website owners otherwise miss out on when simply pasting the analytics code in WordPress.

Using the plugin you have nothing to lose and much to gain. It allows you to

  1. know the bounce rate of pages, which helps you develop a strategy to engage visitors before they hit the back button on browsers.
  2. Have knowledge of the page per session that gives you a very good idea if people are exploring your site or if you need internal links to more of your content.

So mark it in your must-have list of plugins.

WP Smush 

Optimizing images on your WordPress site is very important if you are looking to improve the page loadings. And If you want to optimize your images without losing the image quality and don’t want to slow down, you will absolutely find yourself lucky to use WP Smush plugin. It is very easy to use and simple yet best in business. 

With one click you can optimize and compress 50 images without losing image quality. Bringing in this plugin to use, you can effectively optimize your images and save the server cost.

To keep your site in good shape without worry it will be worth using the WP Smush plugin.

Nikcub used WP Smush to optimize the images on their website. They are now not only satisfied with their page loading speed but only their bounce rate is also very low.


A Call to Action is a fundamental plugin for any website or blog as it enables the visitors to take the actions you require them to take to facilitate them in a more easy way. These Call To Actions are the same as you come across visiting websites on a daily routine such as Subscribe, Signup, etc.

This awesome plugin also allows you to customize your CTAs in different sizes, colors, content, and locations. Start from scratch or use their inbuilt template, you won’t need coding but just some good understanding of WordPress.

It also monitors the conversion rates. So, you can set up A/B testing and optimize the ones which are not working so well.

So just grab it and make the attractive colored buttons to get the reader’s attention.

The Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Do you want your content to be shared on social media platforms by visitors? No doubt that everyone wants. And the Monarch Social Sharing Plugin enables you to add the social media sharing button to encourage visitors to share content.

Undeniably, social media has become our daily routine, so you have to make sure that your content is out there on a widely used platform; plus, it increases your content’s chances of virality.

It includes features varying from social media icons’ display in widgets to pop over and flies in share boxes to encourage sharing.

It is something that you must not miss out on.

Search Everything

If you are facing a high bounce rate then possibly one of its reasons can be the absence of a search box from your site. So how do you counter this? It’s simple, just add the Search Everything plugin to your WordPress Website.

Tons of users are always in a hurry to find desired results and they are too impatient to follow links to get them to the results required. For such visitors and especially regular ones, you have to add a search box.

This WordPress Plugin allows your visitors to perform a custom search on your blog through all the posts, categories, comments, and tags. You can also specify your own search highlight style with this plugin. All you need for this to simply install and activate this plugin. And don’t worry, it does not search through your password-protected content.

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Research states that visual content is preferred over content with no visuals; plus, you can convey ease using visuals. You can also make your blog more interesting and captivating.

A website with high-quality images is essential to make the website content more appealing and personalize your company brand.

With this slider plugin, you can present your customers with an infinite amount of image slides in a single slider and tell the entire story. It allows you to customize image height and width to suit your preferences or the WordPress theme you’ve chosen. It is compatible with all browsers and is optimized for mobile phones. 


You will always have questions popped in your mind every time choosing the plugin, and it is inevitable due to the voluminous plugins available.  

Understanding your requirements and getting from verified sources will prove good for your site.  

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