WordPress donation plugins for fundraising

5 great WordPress donation plugins for fundraising

How has the digitally-dependent pandemic stricken era changed the way you go about your fundraising campaign? If you haven’t changed much, maybe it’s time you learn about WordPress donation plugins.

We would start with the assumption that you have a website built for raising funds online. If that is not the case, you might consider building a WordPress website that suits the niche by all means, especially by its exquisite design standards.

Once you have a WordPress website for fundraising or for the cause that you want to raise funds for, you are set to go on this journey that would highly benefit your fundraising process as it has for many.

You need to think of a WordPress donation plugin as a catalyst to your fundraising process because they empower you and the donor both to an extent that can catalyze the whole fundraising funnel.

How does the process become quicker with the introduction of a donate plugin WordPress edition to it? That’s quite some story that this article will elaborate as you go on.

The primary reason behind the incline seen in received donations post the introduction of a WordPress plugin, or in this case, a donation add-on in the form of a WooCommerce donation plugin is holding the reputation of your website over the internet.

Why do you need donation plugins?

The simple question that forms the basis of all this discussion is the one we will answer first. 

Donation plugins are pivotal if you need to streamline the process relating to fundraising. The fact that these plugins enable you to control the funnel and the post-donation exercises make them a perfect choice. 

These plugins just upgrade your fundraising funnel, the same way upgrading the WordPress works for your website. You get access to all-new features that help you grow and contribute more to the cause you stand for.

These plugins help you create donation forms, receipts, reports, post-donation communication, and much more. With these features on board, you can upscale your efforts to collect donations.

Here is our list of 5 awesome plugins that can be more than handy for you here!

1. DonorBox

If you are a fan of custom-built donation pages that go hand in hand with your website’s theme and memento, you should definitely choose DonorBox and no other plugin.

There are many other operability advantages that make DonorBox a superb choice when it comes to donation plugins. We would even dare say that it’s the best WordPress donation plugin on our list.

With DonorBox, you can create, customize, and deploy a donation form in no more than 15 minutes: That is also for a form that perfectly suits your needs and website.

With a single click, you can create repetitive donation campaigns on your website, which will act as recurring campaigns based on your specified intervals.

With DonorBox, you can save some precious time and effort that would have otherwise gone into transferring donations from your Stripe to your account. Donations are automatically sent to your account based on your schedule.

DonorBox also enables donors to hold an account if it deems them as recurring and regular donors. They can then manage their information within their profiles.

With DonorBox, you can send out donation receipts to the donors as a post-donation communication exercise. That can help you build a lasting bond with the donor and might help extend the CLV.

In addition to all that, DonorBox also allows multiple payment options that include Stripe, PayPal, ApplePay, GPay, ACH, etc. With all that and other extraordinary security and operability features onboard, DonorBox makes an excellent choice.

2. GiveWP

Coming second on our list is GiveWP, which makes our list as an awesome choice for a WordPress donation plugin as it comes loaded with features that empower you and the donor at the same time.

You can create customized donation forms perfectly suited to your website’s theme with GiveWP as it seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website.

You can keep a record of donor profiles and generate reports using donor profiles, donations, amounts, and interactions to analyze your fundraising campaigns’ performances.

You can also generate tax-deductible receipts using GiveWP as it keeps a close check on all donations and keeps track of relative information for future usage.

The reporting feature in GiveWP allows you to generate detailed reports based on filters such as date, type, campaign, donor, etc. You can, thus, keep a close check on everything that goes about in your fundraising campaigns.

With seamless integration to your website and numerous operability advantages, GiveWP is not a plugin to miss out on if you are a fan of donation forms that self-acclimate to your website.

3. Charitable

If you have numerous fundraising campaigns awaiting several updates and management, you would want to go through with Charitable as your choice.

The extent to which Charitable automates functionalities of your fundraising campaigns is what brings charitable on our list of great donation plugins.

Charitable allows you to create donation forms that can inherit the design and aesthetics of your WordPress theme. That helps your donation forms to blend right in with your website.

You can create time-sensitive campaigns with Charitable if you want specific campaigns to be terminated after a dictated time has passed regardless of goal completion.

You also have complete control over personalizing your campaigns based on goals, causes, and donation methods. You can create and manage campaigns with ease using the dashboard and all.

In addition to these features, you can also customize post-donation emails that you want to send out to the donors with Charitable to keep the donors involved.

All this and many other operability advantages that Charitable gives you makes it a fantastic choice. What do you think?

4. Seamless Donations

Just as the name suggests, this plugin enables you to get seamless donations for your fundraising campaigns. That is all related to the way a WordPress donation can be received through your website.

You can simply create a fundraising campaign based on your goals and start collecting donations from donorsdonor right away in just under 5 minutes with your first donation form.

With customized thank you emails for post-donation communications and easy integrations with numerous third-party applications, you can make sure that you keep all your donors involved.

You can also stop worrying about creating your campaigns again and again as Seamless Donations creates automated recurring campaigns that are renewed either on goal completion or on after a specified time period. Isn’t that awesome?

With all these functional operabilities, you can easily keep up with your goals and with the reports that it generates, you can keep a check on everything related to your fundraising campaigns.

5. PayPal Donations

Want to have a simpler donation option on your website without having to deal with all the customizations and options that come with other donation plugins? PayPal Donations is the perfect answer for you.

You don’t need to go through multiple funnel steps to get going with accepting donations on your website if you choose PayPal donations. This WordPress PayPal Donation plugin is the easiest way to accept donations over a website for sure.

Installing this is as simple as installing a shortcode on your website. You just need to place the shortcode wherever you want to display the donate button.

Donors can donate any amount of their choice by pressing the donate button. That is how simple it is. The donation then goes directly to your PayPal account.

This is perfect if you want to collect donations for a free plugin or for a single cause right from your website. Sounds convenient. Doesn’t it?

Final Advice

These 5 great donation plugins are probably the best ones out there on the internet. You just need to choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. Best of Luck.

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